Monster Squad - Not For Them - LP

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Pirates Press Records is thrilled to celebrate the longrunning California punk rock band Monster Squad with an extensive vinyl reissue campaign, starting from the beginning with their debut EP!

The 6-song EP Not For Them is truly ground zero for Monster Squad, and a document of the band’s origins. In the summer of 2000, the band members moved in together in a shanty of a punk house with old gravestones strewn about the basement, across the street from their skate spot of choice in Vacaville, CA. These were heady times for young punks at the end of their teenage years. As their reputation as outspoken rabble rousers, grew, so too did the target on their backs, enduring fights with cops, jocks, and rednecks, and even having a molotov cocktail tossed at their front door by a local neo-Nazi who apparently took issue with the band’s anti-racist and anti-fascist stance!

Across six songs, the band members bashed out what could be considered a manifesto for what Monster Squad would be: shout-along choruses, pogo punk positivity, lyrics that stated in no uncertain terms their opposition to the Bush-era war machine & Proposition-22 era institutionalized homophobia. Perhaps most personally, the song “Pressure” featured an honest & relatable discussion of mental health issues that would become a recurring theme in the ensuing decades.

Originally self-released via CD-Rs burned on the clock at Guitar Center on the band’s own Strength Through Pain Records, Monster Squad’s Not For Them is on vinyl for the first time ever! Pirates Press Records is proud to present this essential piece of turn-of-the-century California punk on 12” Magenta Vinyl with Black Splatter. PLAY IT LOUD!

Only 250copies was made.