Voltage Records is an independent music label based in Brno (Czech Republic) focused on releasing major street-punk bands from around the world. Our goal is to provide people with whom we share our taste in music with the best of the genre in the best possible rendition. We perceive music albums as a whole and therefore we place emphasis not only on the music but also on perfectly processed record sleeves and graphics.

The second part of our publishing activities are the official re-issues of hardcore / punk records from the 80's. Most of the original copies are now being sold at astronomical prices. We make sure that our re-issues are faithful yet affordable copies of the originals (including such details as the weight of the paper, messages etched into vinyl, etc.). In the past we have reissued for example: 

  • DISARM - Regerings Stödda Mord 7 ”EP (1984) 
  • DISARM - Dömd (1986) 7 ”EP 
  • CRUDE SS - Who’ll Survive 7 ”EP (1985) or 
  • SVART FRAMTID - 1984 7 ”EP (1984)
  • ÄPÄRÄT - Häirikot Tulee - 7"EP (1985)

All are official reissues with the knowledge and permission of the band members. 

In addition to our publishing activities, we also run a distribution, organize concerts and help organize tours for the bands we release. We also have a rental tour van available. More info here