Monster Squad - All Out Of Control - LP

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The 4 songs that make up Monster Squad’s “All Out Of Control” were written during extensive touring and shortly after the band released their influential 2004 LP “Strength Through Pain.” Monster Squad went to legendary Bart Thurber (Spazz, Capitalist Casualties, Neurosis) at House of Faith in Oakland to record the EP.

These songs represented a slight departure from the speed that fans got to know on “Strength Through Pain.” The title track “All Out of Control” was a different side for Monster Squad, showcasing more anthemic (and much slower) songs than the breakneck, frenetic pace of their previous works. The band utilized ‘call and response’ vocal patterns which quickly became and remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

The band continued to explore new ideas, such as incorporating a cowbell on “Church and State,” which talks about the overwhelming presence and oppression that organized religion has in politics. “Gotta Get Out” focuses on the ruts people find themselves in - nowhere to go to escape daily life with the inability to control anxious and hopeless feelings “All Out Of Control” has been out of print since 2006 and fans have been clamoring for a reissue for many years. This new 12” 45rpm version, remastered by Jack Shirley (Sweat, Deafheaven, Gouge Away) at The Atomic Garden, has a completely new layout.

Monster Squad used images from the photo session of the original release and scans of the original lyric sheets written in 2005. The band also stumbled upon a collage from 1982 that the legendary collage maestro Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys, etc) made, titled “Security Control” which was a perfect fit, and is included in this new artwork. The record also includes a double-sided 11x17 poster of the MS/APG red skull image + a collage designed by the band’s long-time friend Amanda Chavez. Pick up a copy on limited edition 12” Magenta w/ Cyan Splatter vinyl!