BAD ENGRISH are a 100% sincere band. These guys do not fake anything, they live by what they sing about and mind you, their lyrics are not that cheerful sometimes. Catchy, straight forward punk rock that pays homage to Japanese and US street punk bands of the 90's. Their live shows are always a lot of fun and their records sell at the speed of light.

By the end of the year we release the second full-length album of Bad Engrish called "Street punk, Oi! and Rock N Roll" in collaboration with Rebel Sound records, Joe Pogo records and Just Fucking Pogo records. We'll update you soon on the pre-sale, which will offer, both black vinyl and each label will have their own exclusive colour, which will be released in limited numbers.

The singer Gordy was in a serious solo motorbike accident in early August from which he will be recovering for a long time. A fundraiser is running at the attached link to help cover part of his medical costs. If you are interested, you can find more info here.