Warhead - Never Give Up - LP

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WARHEAD hail from the former capital of the Japanese Empire, Kyoto, and are without a doubt one of the greatest living hardcore classics from the land of the rising sun. Now Insane Society Records is releasing almost their entire output from 1991 - 2004, originally released on CD on Blood Sucker Records, on one LP with artwork by traditional Japancore cartoonist Sugi, and you can hear 22 remastered tracks pieced together from mostly long out-of-print and unavailable recordings: three singles, one split single and two compilations. The opening track "Cry Of The Truth" is a kick in the teeth and the hurricane of the most furious hardcore/punk storm doesn't let up until the turntable needle reaches the last groove! The maniacal roar of the vocalist combined with massive choruses in the choruses, guitars salted to red numbers, roaring detonating bass, ultra-furious drums where the cymbals sound like a whip cracking, all of this together in the result gives an incredibly kicked, noisy and super-energetic mix, moreover spiced with lyrics full of defiance and the desire to never adapt and never give up! Phil Hell