v/a - Killed By Bloodstains #0 - LP

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The Eastern Bloc, also known as the Communist Bloc, the Socialist Bloc, and the Soviet Bloc, was the coalition of communist states of Eastern Europe that were aligned with the Soviet Union and existed during the Cold War (1947–1991). The resulting states aspired to total control of a political center backed by an extensive and active repressive apparatus, and a central role of Marxist–Leninist ideology. 50 years ago young band called THE RAMONES in fact became the first punk band due to them fulfilling the criteria of the sound, the style and the attitude. Another 50 years have passed and after unbelievable long time East European punk rock finally found their way into vinyl records series inspired by classic compilations like Killed By Death and Bloodstains Across. Before punk rock entered East Europe it existed few bands which is now considered proto-punk or these bands influenced very first punk bands with their music energy and attitude. So before first issue of classic punk bands here on number #0 you will find various "proto" bands which were created during authoritarian regime and gave rebellion and strength to young punks to form their own bands.

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75 copies on Special Limited Edition (available only for countries of former Eastern Bloc)
125 copies on Limited White/Red Splatter
300 copies on Black