Stiches - 8x12 - LP

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The official 12" champion of the CA Beach City Punk Rawk Invasion: "8x 12" deliver 1995 Hot California Snot Punker in cynical SEX PISTOLS mode, 6 highly explosive 77 grenades of their own making plus 2 covers of LA PESTE ("Better off dead") and the POGUES ("That Woman's got me drinking"). The whole thing spread over 18 dangerous minutes: "My baby hates me", "I can't do anything", "Amphetamine girl", "throw it away" etc.
"True Stories", nihilistic as fuck! The Pills-Booze-Razorblade-Manifesto now released in Europe for the first time. In his famous outfit, cause never changea runnin' tiger: Comes in original artwork and sound.
(Wanda/ 2023)