Slaugher And the Dogs - Vicious - LP

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One of the oldest punk bands ever (they recorded their first demo in 1976), Slaughter And The Dogs may have been overshadowed by some of their more famous peers, but their debut album has been hailed by pundits as one of the best punk rock albums ever. This bunch certainly didn't turn out a run-of-the-mill record, but when they did make something, it was an extract of the best that honest punk has to offer. 

It's 2016, the band from Manchester has been around for forty years and is just releasing a new full-length. The gents have aged, gained a lot more confidence in controlling their instruments, but have lost none of their rebelliousness. The album Vicious is twelve tracks backed by bold guitars, strong melodies and straightforward energy. Vicious is exactly the kind of album you want to hear from a band that still has something to say. Pure punk of the old honest school. Punk 'n' roll from a dingy garage performed by guys who have been through a lot and still haven't lost their spark.