Lumpen - s/t - 7"EP

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LUMPEN is a band born in Barcelona, and carries the undeniable touch of rawness provided by the Colombian roots of its members. It sounds pretty close to what the Demo cover, designed by the band's bassist Mateo Correal, conveys, and without a doubt it embodies the title of the album: desperation. Iconic UK-82 rhythms accompany messages inviting to take over public spaces and a kind of urban guerrilla self-managed by the nihilistic impulse of punk. Strictly aiming to capture a feeling rather than replicate anything substantively musical, the bass-heavy rhythms on a melodious boom consume the listener in what feels like a kind of sucking into a dark tar pit. A voice in agony accompanies visceral bursts of noise that incite demented pogo. With extreme influences ranging from Chaos UK, Disorder to The Clay, LUMPEN itself is an utterly crackling visual and sonic aesthetic, inviting an anti-partisan political initiative that is far removed from the conformist nihilism that prevails at the time. (Educacion Cinica)