Funeral Dress - Back On The Streets - 7" EP

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Back on the Streets" - and back on top of the european Punk throne? Belgium's well known pogo punk Band has released their new EP. 
When we listened to the new songs from Dirk and his boys at the Contra Headquarter, we stood here and were left behind with open mouths. 
We expected a lot, but FUNERAL DRESS exceeded our expectations! Authentic, catchy punkrock with the perfect balance act between 1982 and today - just like their fellow countryman Jean Claude van Damme did the split between 2 Volvo trucks some days ago. 
A professional, but not too clean sound, still aggressive but not uptight vocals. Streetpunk with that special feeling for great melodies like THE LURKERS or 999 did back in the days, including great sing-a-long parts like ABRASIVE WHEELS or OXYMORON. Four brilliant Punk Songs!