Disorder - Perdition - LP

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When it comes to UK Punk and Hardcore there are lots of great bands and great records, the kind that change you forever. The kind of bands and records that make "must have" lists and continue to inspire and devastate listeners to this day. Disorder from Bristol is one of those bands. More distorted, metallic and noisy than their contemporaries and the bands that had come before them. Disorder created a unique template of noise that many have copied and cited as a defining influence. Their 1982 Perdition EP is one of those rare records. 8 tracks of some of the best uncompromising, exciting, loud and extreme music ever released.The EP wasn't all speedy noisy driving punk, it has a catchiness and melody along with its thundering tom driven drum sound, rumbling guttural bass assault and one of the coolest primitive dinniest razor sharp guitar sounds imaginable. The EP includes the brooding dark post-punk inspired epic 'Remembrance Day' and the track 'Life that appears in the now legendary UK punk documentary 'UK/DK' from 1983.