Death Culture Deprivation - Past - 7"EP

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New on Phobia Records is the debut single DEATH CULTURE DEPRIVATION. After collaborative recordings with Starge Di Stato, Concussa and participation in v/a On Full Nooses, they come with their self-titled debut single. The description on their profile reads - noise from Herálce - Wiky - Mara - Komor - Krupa, translated as hardcore punk, razor sharp, from Herálce / Brno (?).

On the single you will hear six tracks - brisk, intense and full of energy. The drums push this machine forward, the very prominent guitar only enhances the frantic pace with interesting riffs, the bass claims the music and the angry female vocals only underline the overall sound. It's pressure! The guitar, I have to stop there - it's expressive and very often surprises with a win that "breaks up" the mentioned frenzy, makes the recording more structured - interesting, varied. DEATH CULTURE DEPRIVATION come with their interesting concept of hardcore punk. 

The whole single is not just a "primer", the tracks are brisk and interspersed with interesting changes, twists and turns - even short longer passages, see the track "Tomorrow", which also has good lyrics - "in life and in death, we are equal in death, stop the wave of hate, spit against the fire". Slowing down, hand in hand with the lyrics sounds perfect! It's a ride, you just have to look ahead, what was - was! "Don't think and listen..." Six tracks, about 7 minutes, were recorded in March 2023 by Jindřich "Otyn" Tománek (Davos studio). The cover art is also worth mentioning, the "art" was done by Komor, bassist of DEATH CULTURE DEPRIVATION. The world is a crazy place to live in and the graphics capture this madness in a hilarious way. Phobia Records contributes with their publishing work - still releasing a super punk medium such as a single, a small record, an EP - and they give it such care that the cover is a glued pocket, not missing an insert with lyrics and necessary information! "Nowhere to hide - reality as a weight - no way out". Frantic pace, reflects today's times and that's the way it should be. Great record and I'm already looking forward to the big album! 

Source: Samuel (Czechcore)