Anti-Nowhere League / The Damn Garrison - split 7"EP

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As soon as I hear a blistering “Shut the fuck up!” breaking out of Animal’s distinctive vocal chords, I knew I was in for some nitty-gritty, down-n-dirty, English punk rock, and dirty it was! Including the two omitted tracks from their album Kings and Queens in 2005, “The Day the World Turned Gay” and “The Adventures of Peter Vile” are living proof that the boys haven’t lost their edge—you have Animal yelling obscene sex references with accelerating rhythms (what more could you want?) Sharing the EP, Damn Garrison hold their own by combining the best of both Oi! and first wave American hardcore. Channeling the sounds of the 4 Skinz and Poison Idea in one devastating mesh-up, they prove that they don’t have to live in the shadow, but rather share the spotlight with the mighty Anti-Nowhere League on this EP.—Eric U. Norris